Grandeur : 1,75 m (5’9 1/2″)
Poids :  kg (160 lb)
Cheveux : Bruns et gris
Yeux : Bruns
Langue(s) : Français / Anglais

1982 – present:  Professional Saxophonist, singer and songwriter

1995 – present:  Band Leader (Trio David Parker, The Dudes of Swing, Jig’s Up)

1984 – present:  Co-founder (Sax-O-Matic, The Shuffle Demons)

1982 – present:  Sideman for numerous musical projects including Saudade, The Groove                                                 Music Project, Blue Rodeo and Doctor John.

2001 – present:  Performing member in the « League d’impro musicale de Québec »

MAIN RECORDINGS:  The Shuffle Demons (6 discs), Saudade (3 discs), The Trio David Parker (2             discs), Jig’s Up! (1 disc), The Dudes of Swing (1 EP), Hockey Project (1 EP)

TELEVISION:  Much Music, Musique plus, The Ralph Benmergui Show (CBC), The Lonesome Pine          Special (PBS), The Elephant Show (Sharron, Lois & Bram), Canada AM and others.

VIDEOS:  Spadina Bus, Out of My House Roach (both original compositions were in regular       rotation on Much Music and Musique plus)

TOURING:  Most major jazz and folk festivals in Canada and Western Europe as well as tours of            the USA and Cuba.

AWARDS:  Jazz Juno nomination for « Streetniks » (Shuffle Demons) 1986;  Gold record for         « Contact! » The All-Star Collection CD « Theme from Hockey Night in Canada »

SONGWRITING:  Over 40 original compositions on Itunes, Spotify etc.

JINGLES:  Co-songwriter & saxophonist on « Ninja’s Unboxing » 2012, (4.2 million views on Youtube);  Singer for « 1-800 Got Junk » radio commercial.

MUSICAL THEATRE:  Wrote « The Ballad of Skates Randolf » – a jazz-flavoured twist on hockey   and its’ origins.  It features 21 original compositions (First producion planned for Fall        2022);  Band leader for QAC production of « Jesus Christ Superstar » (2018) and « Hair »(2022)

NARATION:  Recorded promo for Fraser Recovery Program (substance abuse help) as well as    various other businesses in the Quebec City area.

ADJUDICATOR:  Université de Laval saxophone juries;  Rhythms International Music Festivals

2010:  Conseil supérieur de la lanque française – web capsules
1986 -1995: Music videos with Shuffle Demons for Much Music etc.
1999 – 2022:  Humerous musical clips with Sax-o-matic for Youtube              (500,000+ views) and Tiktok (150,000+ views)

Much Music,
Musique plus,
The Ralph Benmergui Show (CBC),
The Lonesome Pine Special (PBS),
The Elephant Show (Sharron, Lois & Bram),
Canada AM and others.

Le dernier repas / Homme en larme, rôle muet / ACPAV / 2023

Voici quatre extraites de l’impro musicale de Québec.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2mIgyzDo-E&t=845s (à partir de 13:37 à 15:17)  (saxophone traditional)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2mIgyzDo-E&t=845s (de 10:45 à 11:40)  (saxophone ballade pop)

Masters in Jazz Performance – Université Laval (Québec)
Bachelor of Music Education (minor in theatre) – Université Laval (Québec)
Bachelor of Arts in Music – St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia)
Diploma in Jazz Studies – St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia)